About Us

FYNE BODY is an international brand that was founded in Australia. FYNE brings a unique approach to its products and our mission is to elevate, enable, approve, and eventually assemble confidence in ladies around the globe through astounding items that empower both inward and external beauty and otherworldly edification while additionally giving chances to self-improvement and budgetary reward.


FYNE's high-quality products are presented with affordable prices and represent a solid, new account in beauty, one that lifts up all outflows of independence. We accept there is no single format for beauty. Every lady is particularly wonderful and we might want to accomplice in her voyage to discover and improve it. 


To be a leader in the beauty and makeup market by empowering women all over the world with affordable high-quality products.

Free Express Shipping.

All orders of $50 or more in Australia. International shipping available.

Payment Methods.

AfterPay, Secure Credit Card, Apple Pay or PayPal.

Eyelash Guarantee.

If you do not see eyelash growth within 60 days, we offer a money-back guarantee.*